Petroleum Products



           Oil Lab provides independent quality and quantity testing of petroleum products and their derivatives. Our lab is fully equipped for conducting analysis of Crude oil, Gasoline, Gas Oil, Naphtha, Jet A-1, Fuel Oil, Sludge, Slop Oil, Bitumen,Lubricants & Grease, Fire fighting Foam,Chemical,Edible oil etc. 

           Oil lab test petroleum products and their derivatives with around 200 ASTM standards and modifies test methods. In addition to ASTM standards, ISO,IP, BSI and other recognised standards are also included in the analysis.


           A compendious listing of products and their test methods performing in our laboratory is undermentioned.



Oil Lab tests Gasoline which is used primarily as a fuel in internal combustion engines


Test Description Test Method
Appearance  Visual
Copper Corrosion D 130/ IP 154
Distillation D 86/ IP 123
Existent Gum D 381
Specific Gravity D 4052/ IP 365 or D 1298/ IP 160
Lead Content  D 3341/ IP 270
Doctor Test D 484/ IP 30
Vapour Pressure D 323/IP 69
Sulphur D 1266
Aromatics,Olefins & Saturates 

D 1319/IP 156

Oxidation Stability

D 525/IP 40