Waste Management Consultancy Services

With a track record in the field of environmental quality monitoring, we have developed our waste management consultancy section due to growing demand by the UAE government for Emirates and industries to treat waste sustainabily and to conserve our resources. Our specialist waste management consultancy support services that inlcude:

  1. Site audit and site waste management plan
  2. Waste composition and characterisation studies
  3. Waste treatment technology review (Mechnical Biological Treatment, Thermal treatment methods and Composting)
  4. Technical due diligence of waste treatment outputs
  5. Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of waste treatment plants
  6. Emissions monitoring and reporting
  7. Performance testing of waste treatment facilities
  8. Refuse derived fuel and solid recovered fuel (RDF/SRF) specification
  9. Fly ash and bottom ash disposal/treatment studies