Laboratory Analysis

Our independent unbiased testing laboratory equipped with most modern testing facilities in the area, providing rapid and most reliable analysis of crude oil, petroleum products, Petrochemicals, Bitumen, Lubricants & Greases, Transformer oil, Water, Soil investigation, Air quality monitoring etc.

Analysis is undertaken in accordance with standard tests methods published and approved by bodies such as ASTM, IP, BSI, API, ISO, DIN, IEC etc.

OIL LAB also undertakes formulation of Lubricants & Greases as per Client requirements.

We are fully equipped for conducting the analysis of following samples.

Crude oil, Gasoline, Gasoil, Naphtha, Jet A-1, Fuel Oil, Sludge, Slop Oil, Bitumen, Lubricants & Grease, Fire fighting Foam, Chemical, Drinking & Industrial water, Edible oil, Environmental Testing

Laboratory Capabilities

OIL LAB can offer a range of testing services. Our laboratory capability are listed below:

• Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Make : P & G Instruments , England
• Spectroil M/C – Oil Analysis Spectrometer Make : Spectro Inc , USA
• Spectroil ARFS Automated Rotating Filter Spectroscopy Make : Spectro Inc , USA
• Laser Net Fine –C Particle Counter and Classifier for Oil Make : Spectro Inc , USA
• FTIR Spectrometer Make : Spectro Inc , USA
• Handheld MIR Spectrometer For Lubricant Condition Monitoring Make : Spectro Inc , USA
• Optical Emission Spectrometer Oxford – WAS Instruments , UK
• EDXRF Spectrometer Sulphur in Oil Analyser
• Gas Chromatograph
• Automatic Viscometer
• Digital Tensiometer Make : KSV Instruments Pte.
• Spectrophotometer Make : HACH, USA
• Water Quality Checker Multi Parameter Instrument for pH, Cond, Salinity & DO Make : HACH, USA
• Turbidity Meter Make : HACH, USA
• COD, BOD Instruments Make : HACH, USA
• Karl Fischer
• Distillation
• Octane rating
• Freezing Point Apparatus
• Oxidation Stability
• Dissipation factor & Resistivity test equipment
• Breakdown voltage tester
• Dropping point apparatus
• Aniline Point apparatus
• Penetrometer
• Densitometer
• Dissolved Gas Analyser
• Cold Cranking Simulator
• Brookfield Viscometer
• Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Tester ( RPVOT)
• Water Separability
• Cloud & Pour point apparatus
• pH meter
• Conductivity meter