Transformer Oil analysis

Transformer Oil Condition Monitoring & Oil Filtration

OIL LAB undertakes transformer condition monitoring through oil analysis. Transformer is a complex and critical component of the power transmission and distribution system. System abnormalities, loading, switching and ambient condition normally contributes towards accelerated aging and sudden failures. In the absence of monitoring, the failure risk is always high. In order to assure the condition of oil, following tests are conducted:

Breakdown voltage 

IEC 60156 / BS 5874

Dissolved Gas Analysis

ASTM D 3612

Flash point      


Dissipation Factor

IEC 60247/BS 5737/ASTM D 924


IEC 60247 / ASTM D 1169

Water Content   

ASTM D 1533/BS 6470/IEC 814

Interfacial Tension 

ASTM D 971 / ISO 6295

Acidity/Neutralization Value 

ASTM D 974/IEC 60296

Viscosity@ 40 Deg & 100 Deg 

ASTM D 445 / IP 71/ISO 3104


ASTM D 1500 / IP 196


IEC 60296 / ASTM D 1524

Sp. Gravity/Density 

ASTM D1298 / IP 160/ISO 3675

Oxidation Stability   

IEC 61125

Corrosive Sulphur    

ASTM D 1275 / ISO 5662 / BS 5680

Carbon type composition   

ASTM D 2140/ IEC 590

Gassing Tendency 

IEC 60628, Method A

Pour Point

ASTM D 97/IP 15 / ISO 3016

Anti-oxidant Content

IEC 60666

PCB Content 

IEC 61619

Furan Content 

ASTM D 5837 / IEC 1198

Particle count Testing

BS 3406

Oil in power transformers and distribution transformers serve the purpose of electrical insulation to withstand the high voltage present inside the transformer and as a heat transfer medium to dissipate heat generated within the transformer windings. After a period of time the oil gets contaminated by water, gases fiber from insulating materials impurities and its breakdown voltage comes down. OIL LAB undertakes reconditioning their -service oil for efficient performance of the transformer by removal of contaminants accumulated during service. The removal of contaminants like gases, fiber from insulation, water and other impurities are done by oil filtration through the application of vacuum.